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Beijing Sports Broadcasting Football Commentator


Yang Tianying said: "The next game, I personally feel that


"Including in the second half, whether it is to maintain stability after scoring a goal, or to readjust in the second half,


"Another one is that Bacambu's ability to kill in the final stage, his ability to cooperate with the proud Vieira and the ability to receive the last pass, I think is still the best among forward players, so I still I hope to keep Bakambu when the final personnel adjustment is made."


Yang Tianying also talked about the choice of U23 player replacement. “From the last game, it can be seen that if Vieira’s physical fitness is not good at the last moment, in the case of U23 Zhang Yuning’s physical difficulties, if Liu Guobo replaces Zhang Yuning to play U23 position,

杨天英还谈到了更换U23播放器的选择。 “从上一场比赛中可以看出,如果维埃拉在最后一刻的身体状况不佳,以U23张允宁的身体困难为例,如果刘国波替换张允宁担任U23的位置,

"Liu Guobo stays on the right. In this case, he is a wing assaulter. At the same time, he can help Wang Gang defend on the right, so that Wang Gang can spend more energy on guarding the opponent Wei Shihao. I think this is attacking the opponent. It’s a way to give full play to our advantages under the unique circumstances."


"In the frontcourt, we only left one striker Bakambu, let Aogu be behind Bakambu, giving Aogu more opportunities to invest in the offense and liberate the defense.