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Original title: Huya S10: The most sad player bids farewell to the game, the retired battle deft hides his face and cry

原标题:Huya S10:最伤心的玩家告别游戏,退役的战斗技巧掩盖了他的面容和哭泣

The first semi-finals of League of Legends S10 started. The LCK civil war ended with DWG 3 to zero sweeping DRX, starting at 6 o’clock and ending at 8:30. The strength gap between the two teams was so obvious that there was no suspense. Even if DRX had a short-term advantage, it was still It's hard to stop DWG's stronger team cooperation. In the third game, the DRX team's mentality is out of balance and mistakes again and again! The semi-finals will come to Huya live, watch S10 on Huya, Tesla drives home!

英雄联盟S10的第一个半决赛开始了。 LCKIM体育内战以DWG 3到零扫宽DRX结束,始于6点,结束于8:30。两支球队之间的实力差距非常明显,毫无悬念。即使DRX拥有短期优势,仍然很难阻止DWG加强团队合作。在第三局中,DRX团队im体育官网全球第一体育平台的心态失衡,一次又一次失误!半决赛将现场直播到Huya,在Huya观看S10,特斯拉开车回家!

During the interview period after the game, DRX veteran Deft covered his face in tears. This is his last World Championship, and it is very likely that it will be his last BO5. Before the game, he said that he would retire. Back then, the S4 Samsung Blue and White ten sons were absolutely perfect. Most of them have retired. His dedication to the championship keeps him on the court, but the years are not forgiving. He has already passed the peak period. Today, facing the shortcomings of DWG, he was ruthlessly crushed and made mistakes. The policewoman didn’t move and kept picking up her skills. She wanted to play the rhythm of pushing the tower. Instead, she was pushed by the opponent first. The policewoman was a late-stage hero. As a result, she lags behind even making up the knife, reacting, making up the knife, developing, and even in the final fight. , Deft is in a downturn!

在比赛结束后的采访期间,DRX老将Deft泪流满面。这是他最近一次世界冠军,很可能将是他最后一次BO5。赛前,他说他会退休。当时,S4三星蓝白十个儿子绝对完美。他们大多数已经退休im体育官网全球第一体育平台了。他对冠军的奉献使他一直在球场上,但是岁月并不算宽容。他已经过了高峰期。今天,面对DWG的缺点,他被无情地压垮了并且IM体育犯了错误。女警没有动弹,不断提高自己的技能。她想演奏推塔的节奏。相反,她首先被对手推。女警是一个后期英雄。结果,她甚至在补刀,反应,补刀,发展甚至最后的战斗中都落后。 ,Deft处于低迷状态!