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The fierce battles in major European leagues are going on, and China’s top player in overseas studies, Wu Lei, once again ushered in the West Second Division. In the fifth round of West Second Division, the Spaniard defeated Alcocon 1-0 with a goal from De Thomas. A wave of 3 consecutive victories, the first game to lead the West Division League table, Wu Lei played in the first half of the game, unfortunately Wu Lei again passed the goal, his running position and speed advantage gradually Seen through by his opponent in West Second, the lack of ability to grasp opportunities broke out again.

欧洲主要联赛中的激烈战斗仍在进行,中国在海外研究中的佼佼者吴磊再次迎来了西二分区。在西二分区的第五轮比赛中,西班牙人以德·托马斯(De Thomas)的进球1-0击败了Alcocon。一波连续三场胜利,第一场比赛带领西分区联赛表,吴磊出战了比赛的上半场,不幸的是吴磊再次越过了球门,他的跑位和速度优势逐渐被对手所见西二,缺乏把握机会的能力再次爆发。


After winning this round of the game, the Spaniard went crazy. All the way, Hurricane created three records with a wave of 14-0 bravery. 14-0 is the total score of all games from September to the present. During the period, the Spaniard successively Defeated 6 West Division B teams, only achieved 1 0-0 draw, 7 games successively to 3-0 Málaga, 4-0 Almeria, 3-0 Albacete, 0-0 Ma Lorca, 2-0 Real Oviedo, 1-0 Sarder, 1-0 Alconco.

在赢得本轮比赛后,西班牙人疯了。一直以来,飓风以14-0的勇气创造了三项记录。 9月至今,所有游戏的总得分为14-0。在此期间,西班牙人击败了6支西乙乙队,仅取得1比0-0平局,先后7场,比分3-0马拉加,4-0阿尔梅里亚,3-0阿尔瓦塞特,0-0马洛卡,2-0皇家奥维耶多,1-0萨德,1-0阿孔科。


Except for the first two games that are warm-up games for the opening season, the remaining 5 unbeaten games are in the second division. The Spaniard's overall performance this season can be said to be quite eye-catching, creating an unbeaten record against the second division team this season. The second is to create The record for the most goals scored in the second division this season, 5 rounds of the division has scored 7 goals, the third is to create a record for the least conceded this season, 5 rounds conceded 0 goals.



Behind the frenzied performance, Wu Lei, the Chinese flag abroad, has received two major humiliations. The first is the last three rounds of competition, Wu Lei has no particles, but the performance during the three consecutive victories is called a disaster, the most embarrassing is the three games After Wu Lei was replaced, the Spaniard broke the deadlock on the field and finally won. In the 5th round, Wu Lei was replaced at halftime. The Spaniard scored in the 75th minute and finally scored 1-0. Take away the victory; in the 4th round, Wu Lei was replaced in 71 minutes, and the Spaniard scored 1-0 in the 84th minute to take away the victory; in the third round, Wu Lei was replaced in 60 minutes and the Spaniard 65 Min and 68 minutes scored 2 goals and finally took away the victory 2-0.



It has to be said that Wu Lei can be called the worst No. 7 in West Division this season. He has gained absolute trust, but he has not been able to conquer the game with enough convincing shooting skills. Then Wu Lei scored 6.1 points in the Spaniard’s 1-0 victory over Alconco. His overall performance was very poor. According to the position and tactics arranged by the coach, Wu Lei’s advantage It can be played, and the reason why Wu Lei is restricted and hits the wall everywhere is also obvious. He may be really not suitable for starting, because the Spanish second team without exception all play the Spaniard as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Choosing a intensive defensive hard bar Spaniard formation, Wu Lei's advantages in forward running position and fast speed can be said to be greatly reduced. He often gets into a fight with his opponents, which further magnifies his weak confrontation and insufficient ability to grasp opportunities.



If it is a substitute, Wu Lei can get rid of this trouble, so that Wu Lei can also play more easily. First of all, he will not be targeted by opponents when he comes on the bench. At the same time, his physical advantage is obvious after the substitute, and then the desire to play is definitely stronger, plus running. With precise positioning, Wu Lei can get more relatively ideal shooting space. I hope Spaniard coach Vicente Moreno can make corresponding changes and activate Wu Lei, otherwise he will gradually lose in the second half.

如果是替补,吴磊可以摆脱这种麻烦,让吴磊也可以更轻松地打球。首先,当他坐在板凳上时,不会成为对手的目标。同时,他的身体优势在替补之后很明显,然后比赛的欲望肯定会更强,再加上奔跑。通过精确定位,吴磊可以获得相对理想的拍摄空间。我希望西班牙人教练维森特·莫雷诺(Vicente Moreno)可以做出相应的改变并激活吴磊,否则他将在下半场逐渐输球。