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Tiger Fight, October 9 According to previous reports, Lone Ranger center Dwight Powell suffered a torn Achilles tendon in his right foot during the game against the Clippers this season, and subsequently successfully underwent surgery and was reimbursed for the season. Subsequently, according to reports, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, NBA games were suspended for a long time, but Powell and Jalen Brunson have not yet returned to play in the isolated rematch.

老虎战斗,10月9日。根据先前的报道,本赛季与快船队的比赛中,独行侠中锋鲍威尔(Dwight Powell)右脚的阿喀琉斯腱撕裂,随后成功接受了手术并获得了补偿。随后,据报道,由于新王冠疫情的影响,NBA比赛暂停了很长时间,但鲍威尔和杰伦·布伦森仍未返im体育官网全球第一体育平台回参加孤立的复赛。

Today, according to a report from the Dallas Morning News sports reporter Brad Townsend, so far, the Lone Ranger center Dwight Powell is recovering well and can already participate in full-court confrontation training. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the opening of the Lone Ranger venues and the specific timetable for the new season has not yet been determined, and the timetable for Powell's personal comeback has yet to be determined.

今天,根据《达拉斯晨报》体育记者布拉德·汤森德(Brad Townsend)的报道,到目前为止,独行侠中锋德怀特·鲍威尔(Dwight Powell)的康复状况良好,已经可以参加全场对抗im体育官网全球第一体育平台训练。但是,由于这一流行病的影响,尚未确定im体育官网全球第一体育平台孤行者会场的开放时间和新赛季的具体时间表,鲍威尔个人复出的时间表也尚未确定。

In an interview recently, Powell said in an interview: "Everything was originally proceeding in an orderly manner according to plan, but now there are some changes. It is not clear when we can start the new season and continue our journey. But for now, I am My body feels very good."