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Barkley loaned to Aston Villa for a season. In the future, he will work with the legendary Blues defender and current Vera assistant Terry. Many people are asking, why did Barkley leave? In fact, Barkley is a typical English player, and he belongs to the category of unsavory and abandoned! After the arrival of Haverts, Ziyekh and other new aids, Barkley was rented to his team although it was unexpected, but it is not surprising. I personally feel that Barkley's performance at Chelsea was a good one and a bad one. There is a saying that his "good" performance is still very strong! The main reason why Lampard chose to let him leave was nothing more than: /Chelsea don’t need so much B2B / In the case of Mount, Haverts, Ziyech, offense is not a problem, the problem is the hardness of the midfield defense / People who need wide defensive coverage, Barkley is obviously not enough /Salary is too high to be used, Think about it, how he makes boss Abu feel like he doesn't work much with a weekly salary of hundreds of thousands of pounds. In fact, it's normal to let him go. After all, it's not a bad thing to go out to play more games and let yourself practice level. The 26-year-old Barkley joined Chelsea in 2018 at a low price of 15 million pounds. He was hoped to get out of injury and further, but then he failed to take the main position in the Blues. He has only started in the Premier League in three seasons. 28 times. (Note: Barkley played in 32 games for Chelsea in all competitions last season, sending 5 goals and 5 assists, playing 3 times this season and scoring 1 goal.)

巴克利借给阿斯顿维拉一个赛季。将来,他将与传奇的蓝调后卫和现任维拉助理特里一起工作。 许多人问,巴克利为什么离开? 实际上,巴IM体育克利(Barkley)是一名典型的英国球员,他属于弱者和被抛弃者!在Haverts,Ziyekh和其他新教具到来之后,Barkley被租给了他的团队,尽管这是出乎意料的,但这并不令人惊讶。 我个人认为巴克利在切尔西的表现是好是坏。有句话说他的“好”表现还是很强的!兰帕德选择让他离开的主要原因无非是: /切尔西不需要那么多的B2B /对于Mount,Haverts,Ziyech而言,进攻不是问题,问题在于中场防守的难度 /需要广泛防御的人,巴克利显然还不够 /薪水太高,无法使用, 想想看,他如何使老板阿布感觉自己像周薪数十万英镑的工作并不多。实际上,放开他是正常的。毕IM体育竟,出去玩更多的游戏并让自己练习水平并不是一件坏事。 这位26岁的巴克利于2018年以1500万英镑的低价加盟切尔西。希望他能从伤病中走出更远,但后来他未能在蓝军中占据主要位置。他只有三个赛季才进入英超联赛。 28次。 (注:巴克利上赛季在切尔西的所有比赛中出战32场,送出5球和5助攻,本赛季出战3次,进球1个。)