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This afternoon, the Shenzhen Kaisa team, which ended the first stage of the Chinese Super League, took a vacation in Dalian. The foreign players took the opportunity to return to Shenzhen. After a short break, the team will regroup to prepare for the second stage of the league. Looking back at the first stage of the Shenzhen Football League, the overall performance of the team is still good. With such fierce competition among the opponents in Group A, Shenzhen Football Group still has hopes of reaching the championship group in the final round. I saw the team's hard work. Yesterday’s game was lost, but the spirit of the deep foot did not lose! This is also the biggest change in the past year. Under the leadership of Gao Lin and other old players, the team is very united and the spirit has been greatly improved. This is very gratifying! Of course, in the 14 games of Group A, Shenzhen Football Team did not have a win against the top four teams. This data shows that Shenzhen Football Team still has some shortcomings and they need to strengthen. As the little Cruyff said after the first stage: "The process of growth and improvement must be step by step, we need to work hard to complete, we need to unswervingly walk on the right path." I hope that we will advance step by step, continue to lay a solid foundation and accumulate food, and we will definitely become the strongest team in the Super League!

今天im体育官网全球第一体育平台下午,结束了中超联赛第一阶段的深圳凯萨队在大连度假。外国选手趁机回到了深圳。短暂休息后,球队将重组以准备联赛的第二阶段。 回顾深圳足球联赛的第一阶段,球队的整体表现仍然不错。鉴于甲组对手之间的激烈竞争,深圳足球集团仍有希望在最后一轮进入冠军组。我看到了团队的辛勤工作。 昨天的比赛输了,但是脚的精神并没有输! 这也是过去一年中最大的变化。在高林和其他老队员的带领下,球队非常团结,精神得到了很大提高。im体育官网全球第一体育平台这非常可喜! 当然,在甲组的14场比赛中,深圳足球没有击败前四名。这些数据表明,深圳足球队仍然存在一些不足,需要加强。 正如克鲁伊夫在第一阶段后所说的那样:“成长和改善的过程必须逐步进行,我们需要努力完成,我们必须坚定地走正确的道路。” 我希望我们能够一步一步前进,继续打下坚实的基础,积累粮食,我们一定会成为中超联赛中最强的队伍!