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im体育官网全球第一体育平台-​阿迪达斯发布Glory Hunter套装

With the return of the UEFA Champions League, Adidas has taken some inspiration from the design of the UEFA Champions League this season and applied it to Predator Mutator and COPA20+, creating a new mini suit called Glory Hunter.

随着欧洲冠军联赛的回归,阿迪达斯从本赛季欧洲冠军联赛的设计中汲取了一些灵感,并将其应用于“捕食者变异者”和“ COPA20 +”,创造了一种名为“荣耀猎人”的新迷你套装。

The official UEFA Champions League ball has been released as early as September, and now Adidas continues to carry forward the color of the UEFA Champions League ball on Predator Mutator and COPA20+, creating the Glory Hunter duo (currently only Copa and Falcon are listed abroad, but the same suit X ghosted in China has been unveiled in China). These two new shoes will be unveiled on the court after mid-October, just in time for the first round of the 20/21 Champions League season.

官方的欧洲冠军联赛球已于9月发布,现在阿迪达斯继续在Predator Mutator和COPA20 +上继承欧洲冠军联赛球的颜色,创造了Glory Hunter二人组(目前只有Copa和Falcon在国外上市,但在中国出现的同一件西装X也已经在中国公开亮相)。这两双新鞋将于10月中旬在球场上揭幕,恰逢20/21冠军联赛赛季首轮比赛。

Predator Mutator still has a laceless version and a traditional low-cut lace version. The upper color is white as the base color, then blue heel and three bars are embedded, and the studs are orange-red. Players such as David Alaba, Bentancur, Fabinho, Cork and F Mendy have chosen Falcon Mutator to return to the Champions League.

Predator Mutator仍然有无鞋带版本和传统的低胸蕾丝版本。鞋帮颜色为白色作为基色,然后嵌入蓝色鞋跟和三个横杠,鞋钉为橙红色。 David Alaba,Bentancur,Fabinho,Cork和F Mendy等球员已选择Falcon Mutator重返欧冠。

As for COPA20+, the main white tone is also white, orange-red is added to the heel part, and the iconic three bars are still blue. But we still wait and see the effect of Bellingham and Tomori on the foot, but they are more likely to be Copa 20.1 on the foot.

至于COPA20 +,主要的白色调也是白色,在脚后跟部分添加了橘红色,而标志性的三个条仍然是蓝色。但是我们仍然拭目以待贝林汉姆和Tomori在脚上的效果,但是脚上的Copa 20.1可能性更大。