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im体育官网全球第一体育平台:巴萨引进德佩失败:巴托梅乌昏庸导致改革不利 他何时辞职?

Of course it is the club chairman Bartomeu. The chairman of the world's top club is now notorious, even if he is not a Barcelona fan will know him. Whether it is letting go of Neymar, the club’s best left offensive player, or losing to Roma, Liverpool and Bayern in the Champions League for three consecutive seasons, whether it’s changing coaches on a whim, or constantly purging veterans, Bartomé Udu has lost control of this club.


Fortunately, Barcelona has already sent away Vidal, Rakitic, Suarez and Semedo. Setien and Abidal have also finished classes. The next thing to do is to leave Bartomeu and completely let go. The Barcelona club has a new sky. According to the current situation, the effective number of no-confidence votes against Barcelona Chairman Bartomeu has reached 16,521, which is sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for the club's chairman to impeach, and the Barcelona board of directors will hold an impeachment vote.

幸运的是,巴塞罗那已经遣散了维达尔,拉基蒂奇,苏亚雷斯和塞梅多。 Setien和Abidal也已经完成课程。接下来要做的就是离开Bartomeu并完全放开。巴塞罗那俱乐部有了新的天空。根据目前的情况,对巴塞罗那主席巴托梅的不信任票有效数已达到16,521,足以满足俱乐部主席弹each的最低要求,巴塞罗那董事会将进行弹each投票。

According to the impeachment process, the board of directors must hold an impeachment vote after the no-confidence vote reaches the standard. In terms of quantity, if 10% of the voting members participate, if the number of votes supporting impeachment reaches two-thirds, the incumbent The board of directors will automatically step down. In this way, the management of this session of Barcelona can completely leave, and Messi's future will also mark a new mark.


For Barcelona, ​​the club has come to the lowest point of the past ten years, whether it is the strength of the team or the level of management, in a state of extreme chaos. In the transfer market, the original plan to sell Dembele and the introduction of Depay, the mediocre management did not succeed. It can be seen that the current Barcelona management has different changes in both ability and attitude. Therefore, the Barcelona club urgently needs to adjust. Without further ado. You must know that Barcelona's deadly rival Real Madrid has 0 signings this season. In this case, if Barcelona can't take this opportunity to win the league championship, it is indeed a shame for the club.


There is another very important point. Messi has been dissatisfied with his contract extension and Suarez's departure. Messi is very disappointed with the current Barcelona management. If the management can be replaced, Barcelona may retain Messi and let Messi retire at Barcelona. This is the wish and hope of all Barcelona fans. The best player in the world and the best player in the history of the Barcelona club must endure Barcelona. This is the long-cherished wish of this generation of fans.