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IM体育_沪媒:国安疑被漏判两点球 上港所谓获益没任何意义




   A battle for the top spot in the Suzhou Division of the Super League has turned into a farce.


   On the evening of the 25th, Shanghai SIPG defeated Beijing Guoan 1-0 with Hulk's penalty kick and secured the group's first place in advance. But no one thought that the protagonist of this game was the referee Zhang Lei.


   Several controversial penalties that he appeared in the game have allowed the referees to continue to haunt the referee since the start of the season.






   The only goal of the game was a penalty from Hulk.


   At that time, Hulk's free kick slowed down in Li Ke's hand and was caught by Guo Quanbo. After the video assistant referee reminded him, Zhang Lei ran to the sidelines to watch the replay and awarded a penalty kick. Hulk made a strike.


Although the Guoan players surrounded Zhang Lei to discuss the argument, the controversy of this ball is not too big-last year's Champions League quarter-finals Manchester United were away against Paris, Darrow's long shot was blocked by Kim Pembe's raised arm, and the referee was also A penalty kick will be awarded after watching the replay.






   The bigger controversy is still to come. In the 54th minute of the second half, SIPG foreign aid Mu Yi knocked down Vieira in the penalty area during his return to defense. After the video assistant referee reminded him, Zhang Lei refused to award a penalty kick after watching the replay. Guoan players and the bench both used it. Body language expressed dissatisfaction.


   In the stoppage time of the match, Zhang Yuning shot Wang Ziming in the penalty area to reflect into the net. The VAR line drawing showed that Wang Ziming was offside...

在比赛的补时阶段,张允宁在禁区射门打出王自鸣,将球倒入网中。 VAR线图显示王自明越位...



   After Vieira was knocked down by Mu Yi, Zhang Lei looked back at VAR and decided that there was no penalty. Then Guoan's official Weibo posted two words: Haha.

在Vieira被Mu Yi击倒之后,张磊回头看了看VAR,并决定不处罚。然后,国安的官方微博发布了两个字:哈哈。

After the previous game with China Fortune, the message of Zhou Jinhui, the chairman of Zhonghe, on the official WeChat account has caused an uproar. During the game, the official Weibo statement was very ironic. The Guoan Club used social media to directly indicate the penalty. attitude.




Guoan coach Genesio publicly questioned the referee’s penalty after the game. The Frenchman said, “We will definitely play better in the second stage and hope to achieve better results because Guoan’s goal is to compete for the championship, of course. Hope the conditions in all aspects will be fairer."




"Beijing Youth Daily" also commented after the game: "Why is Guoan always injured? Who can give the answer to this question? I really don't know at the moment. What's interesting is that Reshuai is now waiting for an explanation, I wish Good luck for him."


   "I have to say, no matter whether the referee has made a mistake or missed a judgment, Guoan will not be a tie or win in this game, but one yard is equal to one yard. Can't you do things that challenge the public's "sight"?"




   Objectively speaking, the several penalties made by Zhang Lei in this game were all detrimental to national security.


   After the game, Guoan player Wang Gang gave Zhang Lei a thumbs up-how to understand, I am afraid that everyone can only taste it.


SIPG seems to be the beneficiary of the penalty, but the regional leader may not want this benefit at all. A draw in this game can allow SIPG to secure the first round in advance, even if it loses, SIPG may still be the winner. First; the worst result Even if two consecutive defeats and second advancement, it is not an unacceptable result.




   This is not the same as in previous years. Last year, Evergrande’s foreign aid Paulinho made an obvious elbow but was let go by the referee on duty. If Paulinho is sent off and subjected to additional penalties, it would be too deadly for Evergrande.




   Chief editor: Takeoff


Proofread by: Zhang Liangliang

proofread不要: Zhang Lian G凉