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Netease Sports reported on September 30:


After being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets, the Clippers parted ways with head coach Doug Rivers, and the team was also undercurrent. Clint Parkes, the trainer of the star Leonard, taunted the team's reserve Titan Harrell on social media.

在被丹佛掘金淘汰后,快船与主教练道夫·里弗斯(Doug Rivers)分道扬and,球队也陷入了低潮。伦纳德(Leonard)明星的教练克林特·帕克斯(Clint Parkes)在社交媒体上嘲讽了球队的替补泰坦·哈雷尔(Titan Harrell)。

A fan said to Parks: "I'm sure the Clippers want Howard." Parks said frankly: "Yes, I hope they can replace the double agent Harrell with Howard."


Leonard rarely speaks publicly and does not go on social media. Therefore, people around him often stand up and speak for him. Due to the close relationship between Parkes and Leonard, his remarks also aroused the attention of fans. Some fans said: "You mean, Harrell is from klutch?" Harrell signed to Rich Paul's sports agency Klutch last summer. He has a good relationship with the two core players of the Lakers, LeBron and Davis, and they have also trained together. However, it is not kind to denigrate Harrell as a "double agent."

伦纳德很少公开演讲,也没有在社交媒体上发表演讲。因此,他周围的人经常站起来为他说话。由于帕克斯和伦纳德之间的密切关系,他的言论也引起了球迷的关注。一些粉丝说:“你的意思是,哈雷尔来自克拉奇吗?”去年夏天,哈雷尔与Rich Paul的体育经纪公司Klutch签约。他与湖人队的两个核心球员勒布朗和戴维斯有着良好的关系,他们也一起训练。但是,将哈雷尔贬为“双重代理人”并不好。

Some netizens angered Leonard’s irresponsible remarks: “We hope people can look at Leonard with wide eyes. Whether it’s his uncle or the clown, they do some dirty work, Lai Nader pretended to be meek and innocent. Howard? Antetokounmpo? In any case, the Clippers simply don't have a team leader."

一些网民激怒了伦纳德的不负责任的言论:“我们希望人们能睁大眼睛看着伦纳德。不论是叔叔还是小丑,他们都在做肮脏的工作,赖·纳德装作是温柔而天真的。霍华德? Antetokounmpo?无论如何,快船根本就没有团队负责人。”

As a Leonard trainer, Parkes has always been unobtrusive on social media. Prior to this, he also publicly stated that the Clippers No. 2 player Paul George had a basketball IQ problem. In the face of overwhelming questions from fans, Parkes tried to distinguish between himself and Leonard: "I am not Leonard's trainer, my remarks only represent me."

作为伦纳德(Leonard)的培训师,帕克斯(Parkes)在社交媒体上一向不逊色。im体育官网全球第一体育平台在此之前,他还公开表示快船第二号球员保罗·乔治(Paul George)篮球智商有问题。面对球迷的压倒性疑问,帕克斯试图区分自己和伦纳德:“我不是伦纳德的教练,我的言论只代表我。”