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[HBO's new limited drama "Doing Nothing" releases the official poster, starting on October 25th] Nicole Kidman × Hugh Grant starring HBO's new limited drama "Doing Nothing" will release the official poster, starting on 10.25. I look forward to it. "Blindfold" screenwriter David E. Kelly wrote and served as the main producer of the show, "Blindfolded Your Eyes" director Susanna Bill directed and served as executive producer, starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh. Grant, Noah Yope and others, the three play a family in the play.

[HBO的新限量剧《无所事事》将于10月25日发行。] Nicole Kidman×Hugh Grant主演HBO的新限量剧《无所事事》将从10.25开始。我很期待。 “盲目的”编剧大卫·E·凯利(David E. Kelly)担任节目的主要制作人,im体育官网全球第一体育平台“盲目的眼睛”导演苏珊娜·比尔(Susanna Bill)执导并担任执行制作人,由妮可·基德曼(Nicole Kidman,Hugh)主演。格兰特(Grant),诺亚·尤佩(Noah Yope)等人在剧中扮演三个家庭。

The series is adapted from the book You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. The story is mainly narrated around Grace Sachs, played by Nicole. Grace leads the ideal life in her mind: a well-established psychotherapist with an excellent Doctor husband (played by Hugh Grant), and a son (played by Noah Uppey) who studies in an elite private school. But overnight, Grace's life changed drastically. A violent death involved her husband who suddenly disappeared. Grace discovered that there was a huge crack in her life. There were early signs in the past, but she did not follow her own. intuition. At this time, she must give up her current life and create another life for her son and herself.

该系列改编自Jean Hanff Korelitz的《你应该知道》一书。故事主要讲述妮可(Nicole)饰演的格蕾丝·萨克斯(Grace Sachs)。格蕾丝(Grace)在她的心中过着理想的生活:一位老练的心理治疗师,有一位出色的医生丈夫(由休·格兰特(Hugh Grant)饰演)和一个儿子(由诺亚·乌佩(Noah Uppey)饰演),他在一所私立精英学校学习。但是在一夜之间,格雷斯的生im体育官网全球第一体育平台活发生了翻天覆地的变化。她的丈夫因暴力死亡而突然失踪。格蕾丝(Grace)发现她的生活中有一条巨大的裂缝。过去有早期迹象,但她没有遵循自己的IM体育意愿。直觉。此时,她必须放弃自己的生活,为儿子和她自己创造另一种生活。