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What is the attitude of the coaching staff and players in dealing with things in the same way? For Deng Hanwen's handling after the tackle, Cannavaro pushed Deng Hanwen away and gave Cannavaro a thumbs up! But the reaction of the coaching staff and the bench is really not flattering! After Dai Lin tackled the ball, Li Xiaopeng pushed Dai Lin down without saying a word. A lot of things were afraid of comparison and face slaps! At that time, I used reporter Sun Rui to explain that Luneng’s commentary at the time of the game "during the team’s adversity, Shang Dai Lin is more adversity" is not accurate, because at that time, Luneng’s defense had passed Dai Lin’s front! Many people say why they want to curse? Is the shovel reasonable? There are hot scenes in competitive sports, if the insult level rises, I advise you not to watch it! Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, not to mention in the ever-changing football stadium, it is better to keep a little word than anything! The screenshots of fans sprayed at that time will not be uploaded to you!

教练组和队员以同样的方式对待事物的态度是什么? 对于铲球之后邓汉文的处理,卡纳瓦罗将邓汉文推开,并给卡纳瓦罗竖起大拇指!但是,教练组和替补席的反应真的并不讨人喜欢! 戴琳im体育官网全球第一体育平台抓住球后,李小鹏一言不发地将戴琳推倒。很多事情都害怕比较和打脸! 当时,我用记者孙睿解释,鲁能在比赛时的评论“在球队逆境中,尚代林更是逆境”是不准确的,因为当时鲁能的防守已经超过了代林的阵线!很多人说他们为什么要诅咒?铲子合理吗? 竞技运动中有很im体育官网全球第一体育平台热的场面,如果侮辱程度上升,我建议你不要看!在河东三十年,在河西三十年,更不用说在瞬息万变的足球场上了,多说几句比什么都重要!当时喷射的粉丝的屏幕截图不会上传到您!